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The Recumbent Vehicle:
The Bike: Ryan Recumbent (1999)
Model: Vanguard
Weight: Unladen Weight: 32 lbs
Laden Weight: 142 lbs
w/     Blue Sky Trailer 675 lbs +/- Food & Bev.& Myself
Rims: Sun CR18
Shifting: Front: Shimano LX Series w/3 Chainring
Midframe: Shimano LX Series w/8sp cassette
Rear: Shimano LX Series w/8sp cassette
Steering: USS
Brakes Front Shimano V-Type w/Avido lever
Rear Shimano V-Type w/Avido lever
Locking parking brake Shimano V-Type
Hubs Front Shimano LX (Sealed)
Rear Shimano LX (Sealed)
B/B Shimano (Cartridge)
Head Shimano (Cartridge)
Landing Gear Fabricated w/1 1/2" C-channel steel
12" wheels
Trailer Blue Sky Cycle Cart (Heavily Modified)

(Deep Cycle)
12v For head lights, air horns, 2 compressors, computer, Amateur Radio Gear, and scanner radios, XM Satellite receiver and low voltage supplies
6v For TV
3v For LED type lighting
Charging Solar Panel 18v .5a 9w
Solar Panel 29.7v 1.8a 30w No Load
AstroPower(AP30) Single Crystal
Voltage Regulation 13.9v
Accessories Compaq Presario 1610 Laptop
2 meter transceiver Radio Shack - HTX-242
2 meter-440 transceiver
Kenwood TM-D700A
10 meter transceiver Radio Shack - HTX-100
XM Satellite Receiver Pioneer - FM903XM
3 1/4" color television Radio Shack
Cellular Telephone Nokia 252
AM/FM CD player Jensen
Lighting Headlights Blazer Halogen lights (projection lens type (55w each)
Taillights APC LED in Petersen cans
Clearance Lights APC LED
Panel Lights APC LED
Misc. Lighting Vista Lights(LED)
Tail Strobe Lights APC

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